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gore is fun ok

maybe i'll start becoming active again
need to catchuppppp


+ deergf with Fullbody/ref Music:…

+ Taxies with Fullbody Smoothie:…

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bby u back hello hello hello 
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omfg-- you devwatched me
imma cry now ;w; lol
// v \\

senpai noticed me lol
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Hay u big nerd are you still here or did you die on DA
(pssst it's fr0sting/ shamoosh/frankie)
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It is a cold and snowy night, with not a hint of sound to be heard except for the ticking clock in the other room.

You look out the window, all snuggled in your favorite and warmest blanket, meditating upon the events of the day in this time of silent peace. Off in the distance, you see a lone traveler trudging through the powdered snow towards your house.

As the figure drew closer and closer, thoughts drifted up like snowflakes riding upon the breeze as to whom this wanderer could be and for what purpose they may seek to fulfill in their wandering.


As the sky blessed the earth with a gift of gently falling ice, you sip your hot chocolate and savor its warmth as a smile of discovered knowledge crosses your face:

It is a little Litwick, with but a scarf to her throat to protect her from the chill of the evening. Yet despite this cold she wore a grin as she carried herself and a sheet or two of paper through the ever deepening snow.


"A caroler perhaps? Yes. Yes, indeed it seems she is, for she carries with her parchment towards my door. Probably saturated with the notes and lyrics of the season's cheer."


She walks up to the door and rings the doorbell.


"Ah, I should get up. It would be rude to keep her at the door," you think to yourself. However, the warmth and comfort of the blanket and coco made this one's movements lazy and slow, causing you to rise with the utmost reluctance at the effort.


The doorbell chimes a second time.


With a slightly quickened pace, you sluggishly walk towards the door, hoping that your slowness does not cause too much trouble for the tiny caroler.

However, when the door was opened for the performance to come there was not a soul to be seen. Confused, you wonder if perhaps she grew impatient and left for another house, and then suddenly a loud crash was heard from inside the house.


Panicking, you race towards the living room with images flowing through your mind of burglars and ruffians defiling your home.

The defiler was indeed spied, but all she had done was knock over the tools from the fire place and dirty the carpet.

Apparently you had indeed taken too long to get up from your cozy blanket and hot chocolate, for the little one had decided to climb onto the roof and slide down the chimney to come and sing to you.


It seems that upon her descent the momentum had caused the Litwick to tumble and roll onto the floor in a dizzying fashion, leaving a trail of soot and ash in her wake. But without missing a beat, aside from the first few moments of coughing up the black dust, she looked at you, smiled, and before you could even utter a complaint of the poor impersonation of Jingle the Stantler, she started to sing her carol.  A carol, a song, that she had learned from a friend long ago, in a land most distant and far, that celebrates this time of year in recognition of the many faiths that together wish for the peace and happiness between one and all that this season inspires.


Have a Merry Christmas and Toy Day, Happy Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and Yule. From little Marionette, to whatever faith and culture you may hail from, have a wonderful day and enjoy this song in the spirit of this season’s love and friendship for one another.

Blessed be~ )O(


Marionette’s Carol:…

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